Best MultiversX NFT Project – EAPES – Elrond Apes

elrond apes top Elrond NFT Project

Best MultiversX NFT Project – EAPES – Elrond Apes

#1 Elrond NFT Project – Elrond APES

elrond apes logo

Elrond Apes is actually the #1 NFT Project on Elrond. Elrond Apes Collection is available here on Deadrare.


Quantity : 10 000 APES

Token : $EAPES

Elrond Apes Community MAP : Community Elrond Apes

website :

Elrond Apes on : Twitter 

Distribution/Rewards : 6% for DAO, 3% Team, 0.5% Marketing and 0.5% Charity.


Elrond Apes NFT Project

Elrond Apes is a collection of 10.000 unique and randomly generated 3D Apes. The collection aims to create a club of enthusiast NFT collectors who want to take part in the adventure of building the largest NFT community on Elrond.

Elrond Apes Art


Elrond APES Top Characteristics to look at

Elrond Apes are all very nice looking but there is some characterictics that i think will gain much more value than others over time. For sure the rarest should do well but best looking Apes are also important, some have a special signatures, some are funny, some look crazy ahahaha. My personnal favorites attributes are Samurai, 3D Glasses, Robots, Zombies, lightning Necklace, Gold Crown, Hunoape Charger, Astronaut Helmet, Basic Hoodie, Cigar and Pipe.

Here is a list of Mr Mercy Favorites, they include all factors, looking and scarcity :

  • Type : Robots, Zombies, Gold and Augmented Ape
  • Eyes : 3D glasses, Diving Mask and MetaScreen Love
  • Mouth : Cigar, Bubble Gum and Pipe
  • Clothes : Samurai and Basic Hoodie (with Elrond Apes logo)
  • Special : Lightning Necklace, EGLD Gold Necklace, Wood Necklace, Romanian Flag and Hunoape Charger
  • Earing : Banana (Prime Apes)
  • Hat : Banana Head (Primes), Astronaut Helmet, Wizard, Gold Crown, Dandy and Welding Helmet
  • Backgound : Blue and Gold


Fastest Minted Elrond project. It sold out in 45 mins

Despite technical difficulties, 10,000 apes sold in 45 mins at a price of 0.8 EGLD. This was when EGLD was around $210 USD. The fact they sold out when other projects are forced to close mint after trying for a few weeks – This is bullish. Additionally, the team effectively raised over USD 2 millions. They have more than enough money to execute on whatever they promise. Now it’s up to them to deliver.


The Elrond Apes Club

The collection aims to create a club of enthusiastic NFT collectors who want to take part in the adventure of building the largest NFT community on Elrond. Once the minting phase is over, the apes are available on Deadrare, and Krogan Elrond NFT Swap marketplace . Every purchase has a 10% royalties fee. For the first month, 8% will be for the DAO and 2% for the charity organizations. Subsequent months will be 6% for DAO, 3% Team, 0.5% Marketing and 0.5% Charity.


Elrond APES Advantages :

  1. Elrond Apes NFT is the one with most volume of all Elrond NFT Projects yet.
  2. Hype on twitter is very good and people use it as an Picture Profile.
  3. Many become APE addict because of they have something very special, some are naive, funny, other look crazy and exceed the limits of what is imaginable.
  4. Elrond Apes are supported by Morning Ventures they are proprietary investment firm specialising in digital assets and blockchain tech. They are behing Holoride, Itheum, Elrond, Paraswap, Terra Virtua and many more. They also own Elrond Apes and have a very fortunate team $$$. They are also behind Elrond Dubai Incubator as an Investing Firm and support hub for projects looking to build their startups on Elrond.
  5. Staking : You can stake your APES and receive LKMEX rewards every week. More volume (transactions) more your rewards will be good.
  6. DAO & Governance : 1 APE = 1 VOTE.. if you own an APE you are part of Elrond APES Governance System.
  7. BAYC attracted by the Project : here is just an example :
  8. NFT Funds contact i have are attracted by that project.
  9. Blue Chip NFT : is Elrond Apes is the first Blue Chip NFT on Elrond? Ethereum and Solana NFT traders will already know this – the best projects to buy are “blue chips” but asking the question might be the answer, many Twitter Influencers are buying Elrond Apes.
  10. Discord & Twitter is Buzzing : with more than 25k subscribers on Twitter and  more than 14k members on Discord in less than a month when the project was launch, we can say it was a strong start.
  11. Road Map had been respected to date.
  12. The addition of Karl Thomas is the Elrond team was a strong move.
  13. Elrond Apes fans are creating banners on twitter.. the vibe is quite nice.




The Elrond Apes is currently the strongest NFT project on Elrond. It has been noticed by BAYC members and several celebrities. It’s a young NFT project that can become a Bluechip. The Primes are at the head of governance (DAO) and are very motivated to do everything they can. APES artwork are high quality 3D designs and very addictive for many reasons. Morning Ventures are behing it and they are buying and accumulating Apes. Initially the team had to be restructured and Karl Thomas did a good job because pressure was high, this project had been released during a bad market timing, the floor went up to 10 egld and came back down to 3 egld. The project was somehow a victim of its own success. 


A Good investment or not?

I highly recommend this project, especially now! Accumulating APES during a bear market can be an incredible opportunity. Elrond Apes are by far the #1 NFT project on Elrond and is actually the favorite to become a Blue Chip. Volume is quite good and swing trading Apes had been lucrative for me. Floor Price use to follow price movement since the release but now seems to slowly change. There is still some nice deals but nicest and rarest Apes are beginning to be tuffer to buy and to find.


Estimation – Profit potential

Based on our statistics and floor fluctuations Elrond Apes Floor can rise to more than 40 egld in 2023.

Actual Floor value July 2022 : 1 APE = USD 415$

Projection Floor value July 2023 : 1 APE = 37 egld = average cost will be USD 17 723$

Elrond Apes Roadmap

Elrond Apes Scoreboard

The Art
The Team
The Website
The marketing
Roadmap in time
Utility / Rewards
Rewards potential
Creativity / Incentives
DAO : working but not much use yet
Airdrops : Aerovek
Blue Chip Potential
Twitter Followers
Twitter Influencers
Discord members
Discord Management
The Charity / Wild Orangutan Outreach / no proof of payment yet
The Vibe
The Token : $EAPES
Spotted by Ethereum NFT Network?
NFT Funds interest?
Spotted by Celebrities

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