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Crypto Mercy Top Trading Analysis for Cryptocurrencies

I am known in the trading community as Crypto Mercy, I offer analytics on the TradingView platform and to all my members, followers or clients. I’ve  been a part of the cryptocurrency community since 4 years now. I help many people understand the fundamentals of different cryptocurrencies projects or assets, i help them understand how to invest in one project rather than another by making them understand different aspects that are important to consider in this new technological environment.

Trading Modern technique combining candle reading, Elliott Wave and fibonacci.

I combine an unusual technique that i developed who combines candle reading and Elliott Waves. How does it work? Reading the candles allows us to detect Top and Bottom confirmations, following these confirmations we can establish possible trajectories of the price according to the probabilities transmitted to us by the Elliott waves combined with the Fibonnaci. Even with those probabilities, candles will tell us when to exit but using most probable fibs will help us to catch possible top or bottom even before a candle confirmation on the 4 hour or daily chart. Candle reading is very effective.

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