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$75.00 / month

Working for myourself or becoming an investor has nothing to do with the greed of money. Its all about the Pursue of personnal freedom, the reason i do what i do is because i want to be able to choose how i spend my time and i’m providing you what you need to achieve this.

-Get access to The Owl Private Channel (Crypto Mercy official Private Channel) on Telegram

-Videos updates & educational videos, mindset tips provided almost everyday through The Owl Private Channel (Crypto Mercy official Channel) on Telegram

-Get access to The Owl Community Group (Crypto Mercy official Channel) on Telegram and share projects, charts and ideas.

-Get access to The Owl DAO Investment Group.

-Get access to my LiveCharts page which include many technical charts (analysis) for many Crypto Projects /Coins/Tokens (new charts added every months).

-Vote for subject of the next Crypto Mercy video on Youtube

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