The OWL DAO Investment Group

What is a DAO ?

decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), sometimes called a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC), is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central government, in other words they are member-owned communities without centralized leadership. A DAO’s financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on a blockchain. 


What is The OWL Investment Group (DAO) ?

Officially The OWL Investment Group (DAO) is a DeFi protocols & NFT community. This is the future of Investment. It’s a virtual place where all members can share equally what is under their DAO ownership. Also everyone is having an equal Voting Power when proposals are beeing made, every members owns 100 000 Tokens which represent their part of ownership and voting power. Everyone is equal in the DAO and everyone own a part of the pie. When we sell an NFT, all the profits are distributed equally. Let’s project us in the future in 2023 to understand. Imagine that The OWL Investment DAO have 84 members and owns 12 NFTs, 21000$ of POLIS governance token, 15000$ in Solana and many more Coins and we are staking SOL for 10 000$, receiving Yield etc… total value of the Vault Wallet let say is hypotecally 277 000$ USD .. If we are 84 members everyone inside the DAO everyone will own 3297.62$USD. 

The DAO allow holders to participate in governance via proposals and on-chain voting. Every member own 100 000 Tokens and they are equally distributed among all members of the DAO. Every new member is receiving 100 000 token / Voting Power / Governance / Ownership. The DAO is a user-friendly DAO generator on Solana, which combines a treasury/Vault Wallet with NFT’s, Earn Yields and Assets, on-chain voting/Proposal, an Integrated Assets Swapper and a governance structure Supports/Quorum.  our DAO INVESTMENT GROUP  go over any proposal and buy NFT’s, Virtual lands, we can hold in-game assets NFT’s jointly, we can own and buy Coins, tokens, swap, earn Yield and much more together. With the DAO Vault functionality we are treasury manage components (swaps, trading, staking, token vesting, payroll and streams) and more options are beeing added every month. The Owl DAO Investment Group also have its own Private Group on Telegram, a place where we share different ideas, share thoughts and vote on different ideas before we go through Real On Chain Proposal. Main vision of this DAO is to provide financial freedom to it’s members. If Tomorrow a vote is beeing made to distribution 1 SOL to all its members, we will vote on that proposal and everyone will receive 1 SOL. If money is coming in Steady we can even set a payroll and send payments to every members every weeks automatically, sky is the limit


THE OWL DAO INVESTMENT GROUP is now ready and had officially launched but you can join. It’s open to anyone.

Inside our DAO we can Organize, make decision and manage digital assets including NFTs together

Here are the Steps to join / 3 simple steps :


1- Install Phantom Wallet,

2- Send 1.07 SOL in our DAO Vault by using this link  

(Why an Entry Fee?) It’s not much but it allows basic fees (transactional fees) to add any new member, it will also be use to cover votes fees (for actual members) to add you, it also allows the DAO to have liquidity for further investments that you can even access yourself as an official Member.

3- Send me your Phantom deposit adress through a telegram message @crypto_mercy_trading or by email and i will add you quickly, i will also add you to the our DAO Investment Group.

4-After your deposit was sent you can join our The OWL Investment Group on Telegram with this link :

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