About Me

Where focus goes, energy flows!

I am known in the trading community as Crypto Mercy, I offer analytics on the TradingView platform and to all my members or clients. I’ve  been a part of the cryptocurrency community since 4 years now. I help many people understand the fundamentals of different projects (cryptocurrencies) or assets, i help them understand how to invest in one project rather than another by making them understand the different aspects that are important to consider in this new technological environment.

Where i’am from

An investment in this environment can have different key aspects, does this cryptocurrency offer stacking or the possibility of becoming a validator under a Proof of Stake system? How much is the offer in circulation and what will be the maximum it will reach, what influences this can have on the price.

Locally, I come from Quebec in Canada, as far as the investment community is concerned I can tell you that I have studied several trading techniques including the Elliott Wave, followed by Petr Brandt, influenced by Crypto Kirby, Alessio Rastani, Crypto Crew University, Krown’s Crypto Cave and many others. I learned to understand the different inflences of moving averages MA, expotential Moving Average, using the MACD, the Bollinger Band, the VWAP, Swing Trade techniques and others.

I have deployed this site to advise you and help you make good choices. To learn to be patient and not to buy at the top but rather to learn to find confirmations, such as the beginning of an impulsive 3, understand well where are the supports and resistances. I offer analytics services for cryptocurrencies of your choice or any stock of the stock exchange.

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