VIP Program UPGRADE (For the OWL subscribers only)

VIP Access Program Crypto Mercy members

VIP Program UPGRADE (For the OWL subscribers only)

$124.00 / month

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$124.00 / month

***Can buy only if you are already a The OWL Subscriber

This VIP program is currently available for the Egold EGLD / from Elrond :

This program is intended for long-term investors who would like to learn and receive personal advices on Elrond, to eventually obtain financial freedom. It allows you to educate yourself at a technical level but also on the Elrond ecosystem, staking, validation, providers, the reward program offered by Elrond and validators and on future ecosystem development. It includes .PDF, videos, gifts, Private telegram Channel full Access and a personalized follow-up with you by email and on Telegram. If you believe in the Elrond ecosystem it’s the place to be.

  • Receive my EGLD charts on Telegram before they are published on TradingView (i don’t post everything on Trading View)
  • Receive various follow-up emails almost every week
  • Observations on Bitcoin Bitcoin Dominance and potential influences
  • Get what’s new about Elrond and what’s coming next
  • Learn how to Delegate or Validate and earn rewards on the Elrond ecosystem
  • Get Access to Telegram Private channel The OWL
  • Educational emails to help long-term EGold investors
  • How to use Maiar Wallet and Stake
  • Recommandations on providers for Staking
  • Follow-up with members and answers to questions
  • Free access to VIP content, PDF, Videos, gifts, technical tips and more
  • Video request to have a better understanding
  • More features and content are added every month

*No obligation, you can unsubscribe at any time!


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